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Puppy and kitten looking at each other while they cuddle

Individualized care matters.

Our number one priority is that your pet receives care that meets the highest standards of modern veterinary medicine. There are a couple important ways we do this. First off, we take our time to treat your pet as an individual. This is crucial in developing a treatment plan that is highly targeted to your pet’s unique needs. One pet may have an ailment that is best treated with surgery or modern pharmaceuticals, while another may have a more subtle imbalance that is best treated with integrative care, such as acupuncture. Your pet is unique, and we will make sure we treat your dog or cat with the attention to detail that you both truly deserve.

 The road to healthier living.

We are passionate about empowering you to help your pet live a healthier and happier life. One often overlooked way to do this is through proper nutrition. We will educate you on the important issues to consider, and can give you diet recommendations if needed. We strive to create an environment where you and your pet feel welcome, and come away with valuable knowledge every time.

Small dog jumping

A word from your neighbors…

We just moved to Ponte Vedra and my french bulldog had a terrible allergic reaction, and seeing all the great reviews we chose Nease Animal Hospital and they were SO wonderful and accommodating to my urgent situation. I called and was seen less than 45 minutes later, and Juli (?) and Dr Esra were very patient and super-sweet with my skittish dog. I am so happy we found this wonderful vet, and since I have 3 dogs so now I can rest easier knowing we are in good hands.


Dr. Esra helped my black lab last year with a rehab program after ankle surgery. My dog had lost so much muscle mass by the time I found Dr. Esra that I didn’t know if he would ever fully recover. Dr. Esra was a godsend. Not only did she develop a topnotch rehab program, but she made it so fun for our lab that he thought it was the best thing ever! She also carefully listened to all my questions to help me with the home routine. Our dog is doing great now!


My Bailey boy was a patient with Dr. Esra. We found her when he needed extra care due to degenerative disc disease. She took great care with him with acupuncture, underwater treadmill, and Chinese herbal medications. He could be a little hard to handle in his older age and condition and she loved him through it all to his very last day. I would highly recommend her to everyone and anyone who loves their pet and wants the best care possible.


Dr. Esra provided absolutely top notch care for my five senior large & giant breed dogs for many years. She is kind, compassionate, and honest. Her passion for animals is evident from the instant you meet her. Her departure from Maryland was so sad for us (but good for you, Florida!). She is really one of a kind. I’d trust her (I have, actually) with my animals’ lives.


Dr Esra is amazing. You couldn’t ask for a kinder more loving person to care for your animals. She treats them as if they were her own. I will definitely be bringing all of my pack here!!


I have know Dr Esra for 15 years , she has kept our fur babies in good health until they needed to go to the rainbow bridge and  she was there to help us say our goodbyes and got us threw our tears thank you again Dr Esra and Jacksonville you have gotten our best!!!!!!!!!.


Just moved to the area and left behind our family vet of over 30 years but am so happy we found this team!


I have known Dr. Esra for a number of years. Couldn’t ask for a better or more compassionate veterinarian.


So far great! I think we found a new vet! Looking forward to establishing a good relationship! Liked Dr. Esra very much!


Dr. Esra is great. She took care of my “Hans” (Rottweiler) his entire life at her practice in Maryland. Hans loved going for his visits.


I will follow Dr. Esra wherever she goes! So happy to see her new location and her amazing staff. Davey Dunkin is in great hands with this practice.


Great visit today. Recently moved to the area and needed a new vet. We found one. Excellent care. Thanks for taking care of our Cay.


Dr Esra is wonderful! She is knowledgeable, compassionate, welcomes your questions, and never rushes you. She is very missed in Bel Air, MD.


I know Dr. Esra from Bel Air, MD. She is, by far, the most compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable and caring veterinarian. We all truly miss her.


Caring, friendly and knowledgeable veterinarian. Pleasant people.


Our Bella absolutely loves Dr. Weisheit. She is an outstanding doctor.