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While we do welcome walk-ins we encourage you to first call us at (904) 209-5740 and schedule an appointment. For more information please click here.
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Individualized Care Matters

Our number one priority is that your pet receives care that meets the highest standards of modern veterinary medicine. We take time with you and your pet and develop a treatment plan that is targeted to you and your pet’s unique needs. One pet may have an ailment that is best treated with surgery or modern pharmaceuticals, while another may have a more subtle imbalance that is best treated with integrative care, such as acupuncture.

Your pet is unique, and we will make sure we treat your dog or cat with the attention to detail that you both truly deserve. We are passionate about empowering you to help your pet live a healthier and happier life.

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Individualized and Integrative Veterinary Medicine

It is important to have regular health examinations for your pet. This allows us to implement a preventative care plan – from the proper vaccinations to parasite control, and everything in between. This also allows us to establish and monitor a health and behavior baseline, so we are quick to spot when something becomes irregular.

When there are subtle imbalances in the body, integrative medicine can be used to amplify the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Examples of this are acupuncture, spinal manipulation, and other traditional TCVM techniques.

By the age of 3, most dogs and cats show signs of periodontal disease. This health condition can be quite painful for your pet, and can cause tooth loss and damage to your pet’s oral bone struction. It can also cause serious secondary conditions, such as kidney or heart disease. But not to worry – we’re here to help!

When your pet needs surgery – whether its a spay/neuter or something more invasive, you want a veterinary team that is highly skilled and has access to the best that modern technology has to offer. Your pet’s safety is our highest priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see emergencies?

While we do welcome EMERGENCY walk-ins during business hours, we encourage you to first call us at (904) 209-5740 to be sure that we can accommodate your needs. For emergencies after hours, we recommend 3 urgent/emergency vets in the area. Click here for more information.

How do I refill my pet’s prescription?

Text or call us at (904) 209-5740 to request a refill for your pet’s prescription. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to fill the request!

Do you accept walkins? Or do I have to have an appointment?

We do not accept walk-ins, but we are pleased to offer same-day appointments – even for new patients! Click here to book now.

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We are truly a full-service animal hospital. No matter your pet’s needs, your dog or cat will receive veterinary care that is in accord with the highest standards in the industry.

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